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Offering high quality care with better outcomes to all
There is a big disparity in how people with insurance receive their care verses uninsured. While the medical care for the insured population is mostly managed and coordinated by the Primary Care Physician (PCP), uninsured patients are likely to visit any facility that they have access to in case of a health emergency. There is no mechanism to maintain or share medical records, track health history, or provide follow-up care to uninsured patient population. While evaluating patient care services at an outpatient medical facility to improve patient outcomes, we also noticed that uninsured patients would come for a sick visit consultation but would ignore follow up visits or blood tests due to out of pocket costs. This makes it hard for the doctors to accurately diagnose the problem and provide appropriate treatment. We have also noticed international visitors facing similar problems, including patients finding it difficult to pay full price for multiple doctor visits, lab tests, and prescriptions. In addition, we have noticed that different pharmacies change different amount for the same prescription, even some charging double the price, resulting in higher out of pocket costs for all patients, including insured and uninsured patient population.

Also, with ever increasing premiums, health insurance has become unaffordable for employers, especially small businesses. Also, many business organizations don’t offer health insurance benefits for part-time employees or new recruits. Even if employees are allowed to sign up for health insurance, employee contribution towards monthly premiums and higher deductibles make it unattractive and unaffordable for many.

After extensive due diligence and assessing the market need, we have launched MyPhysicianPlan to offer flexible health care plans and solutions to provide comprehensive care and achieve better outcomes by extending high quality care to all at affordable premiums without any restrictions based on personal health history or legal or employment status. By establishing primary care physician network and partnering with major diagnostic labs with service centers nationwide to offer discounted pricing, as well as by offering prescription savings card that provides lowest and transparent pricing, MyPhysicianPlan helps its members to significantly reduce out of pocket costs. MyPhysicianPlan also plays a significant role in reducing healthcare disparities and inequities in care delivery among different segments of our society, thus reducing overall health care costs and improving patient outcomes.

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Offering high quality care with better outcomes

Set up a nationwide primary care network with board-certified physicians in every zip code to offer high quality care to all people with no preconditions or eligibility requirements with affordable premiums and lower out of pocket costs.

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